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radio aporee ::: maps
by JOe Stevens
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Topics: field recording, phonography, soundscape, sound art, soundmap, radio, ephemeral, listening, radio...
by Fred T. Huennekens
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The third EP from GAELS. Track List: 1. Years Lost 2. Broken Hope 3. In the Words of Zarathustra 4. Absent Stories Originally released in 2010.
Topics: Gaels, Of Dreams Arcane, shoegaze, drone, ambient, dark ambient, post-rock, music, audio, EP
Folksoundomy: Music and Music Albums
by Bennett Theissen, dj bennett, chillroom53
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The Chill Room , 25 March 2018 at 00:00 ET on Radio Free Brooklyn 256k VBR, 117 minutes, the lives and music of Nico Presence is what Nico was about. She had worked the catwalk and she knew how to grab attention just by standing still. Her voice at first was such a contrast to that lovely face, but as the years passed she transformed into her greatest role, the Junkie Priestess of Punk, and her voice was by then total perfection. She was loved for her story and that voice and her songs. Tonight...
Topics: audio/mpeg, Bennett Theissen,, Nico, Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed,...
we are all ghosts
by Scott Lawlor
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Times escape was originally recorded between 1996 and 1997 when I lived in the Akron Area of Ohio after years of gigging around playing in coffee houses and being a member of the Very Special Arts group. My inspirations for the cd range from Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream but especially the sleep concerts of Robert Rich. I had received one such concert on cassette tape from a friend in the mail and after listening to it while I slept at night, I wanted to try my hand at composing space music. I...
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Topic: ambient
DIY Church
by G.O:D
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Anne Öhrling Dersén found a Philips EL3510 Reel 2 Reel recorder and with the spirit of #Clarence we recorded an one hour mix of noises, skits & sketches on it.
Topics: DIYChurch, Radio23, Internet, Radio, Reel 2 Reel, Tape, bended, Anne Öhrling Dersén,...
Source: Philips EL3510, mic, mixer, laptops , tapes, voice